Professional natural and safe facial wholesale skin care products and body lotions suitable for any skin.

    MINBOSS is a professional medical skincare brand owned by Shenzhen Yunteng Medical Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates R&D and sales. The company has a professional management team, sales team, R&D team and large-scale production plant。 Relying on its own R&D strength, the company has developed MINBOSS series of medical skincare products. Once MINBOSS series of products are launched, they have opened up the market with high-efficient, safe, and low-allergenic quality, and have been loved and recognized by the majority of dermatologists and customers.


    The main features of MINBOSS are professional, natural, safe and suitable for all skin types.


    There are many kinds of skincare products on the market, and the homogeneity competition is very serious. The recommendations of various Internet celebrities are even more dazzling. However, most female’s makeup tables still lack a set of truly cost-effective, high safety factor and high efficacy of "three high" skincare products. It is the philosophy that MINBOSS insists on to allow female to use perfect skincare products that are safe, gentle, effective and affordable.


    An excellent skincare product, starting from laboratory research and development, every link requires perfection, not only to ensure mildness and safety, but also to have strong formula support, adding expensive active substances to enhance the efficacy of the product. For MINBOSS, the birth of each skin care product is a long and precise research and development journey. MINBOSS focuses on development and sales of functional skin care products, through scientific maintenance programs, restore skin health from inside to outside, showing natural beauty.


    After years of research, MINBOSS has also launched men’s skin care series, facial cleanser, facial gel, men’s anti-aging wrinkle cream, eye cream, essence, lotion and other products. Once the product was launched, it won the love of European and American customers with its high quality and good skin feel.


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